Our Services

Personal Credit Restoration

We offer a complimentary consultation that includes reviewing your credit report in depth with a specialist to determine your financial goals. Our services not only include removing negative items off your credit report, but also strategically adding and managing open accounts simultaneously to cause a boost in your credit score as well as improve your credit profile. 

Business Credit

Entrepreneurship Takes Capital. We help you explore ways to fund your company with business credit including helping you obtain a DUNS number if necessary. We also assist with the approval process with vendors who report to large business credit agencies and as a result, helps build your business credit profile. We then walk you through the process of leveraging your business credit profile to qualify for major corporate credit lines, all in your company’s name. 

Equipment Financing

We offer assistance with securing corporate credit for equipment and hardware for your business’ functional needs including but not limited to appliances, building resources, and office needs.

Working Capital

We also offer assistance with securing capital for your business’ overhead costs and expenses.

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